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5 Ways to Add a Little Bit of Flavor to Your Seamoss Healing

It’s no secret that most things in life that are good for you don’t necessarily taste the best. Tumeric, ginger shots and kale are at the top of my acquired taste list, until I recently discovered my new vice, seamoss.

Seamoss is an edible, red seaweed whose benefits include supporting gut health, boosting your immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory, improving skin, and strengthening bones, to name a few. All it takes is one scoop a day and you have consumed 92 out of the 102 minerals that the body needs!

Then sign me up fam! That’s all you have to say. However, if you just can’t seem to get past the taste, here are a few tips on how to improve the consumption.


1. Smoothies
The most popular form, hands down. Take 1-2 scoops of seamoss and literally throw it straight into the blender with your other fruits or veggies. The combination of everything allows for the taste to be blended with the rest of the concoction while still allowing you to consume the stuff that really counts. This can be used for smoothies, juices, protein shakes, etc.

2. Multi-use
Due to the fact that seamoss is a natural thickening agent, meaning it has a consistency similar to gelatin, it can be added to a variety of different products. This includes ice creams, stews, soups, cottage cheese, non dairy milks, drinks and more.

3. Top it off
Most retailers sell seamoss in its raw, dried form which consumers later use to convert into a gel. While it’s in its natural form it can be sprinkled on top of yogurt, oatmeal, acai bowls, puddings or other foods. Get creative!

4. Desserts
This might possibly be the best use yet. For those who like to convert their seamoss into gel, it can easily be added to cookie, cake, brownie, pie and other dessert recipes. Just add a scoop into the batter and enjoy the benefits with the sweetened taste.

5. Jamaican Irish Moss Drink
I believe everyone should know about this drink worldwide. Native to the beautiful island it’s named after, this vegan, gluten free beverage has the perfect blend of spice and sweetness. It is most commonly made with nutmeg, cinnamon, sea moss gel, vanilla and non-dairy milk. Fun fact, this beverage is sometimes referred to as a “love potion” because it is known to be an aphrodisiac for men!

Blair Walker
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Grenada Purple Seamoss 101

Purple sea moss, rich in antioxidants from the waters of Grenada, has more benefits that you can count on two hands. Dr Sebi was a widely known healer from Honduras whose practices attracted many people from all over the world, including celebrities seeking his self-proclaimed expertise. There have been countless books written on behalf of Dr. Sebi’s findings, particularly focusing on seamoss coupled with alkaline diets. Kim Kardashian has raved about seamoss smoothies, Erkyah Badu and many more both in and out of the public eye. In this blog we’ll give you an introduction as to why purple seamoss has garnered so much attention and why you need to try some today if you haven’t already.

Like most seamoss, Grenada Purple Seamoss originates from the islands of the Caribbean. It can be used topically or ingested depending on its desired effect. It is retrieved by a handful of divers and then dried in the sun for preservation. This superfood is made up of tons of antioxidants which is actually the reason behind where it gets its vibrant purple color from the anthocyanins (a group of compounds with antioxidant effects).


Did we mention that there are too many to name? Containing up to 92 out of the 102 minerals your body needs! Writing about them all could turn this blog into a novel. To name a few: promoting weight loss, acting as an anti-inflammatory, supporting gut health and the oxygenation of cells, boosting immunity, eliminating excessive mucus, improving libido, reducing allergies, regulating blood pressure, increasing energy, and assisting with joint and muscle pain. The list is endless.


This superfood can be applied topically to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles; or to the hair, nails and test for a nourishing, shine effect. It can also be baked into foods or sprinkled on top of dishes like yogurt, oatmeal, pudding. One of its most popular uses suggests adding one or two scoops into smoothies, protein shakes and juices as a healthy additive.


Grenada Purple Seamoss takes the expression “you are what you eat” to a totally different level. Remember, your food is your medicine. Once you begin eating right and feeling right, you transform the world around you.

Blair Walker
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